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There are several ways to capture the output of command line apps so you can paste it elsewhere.

1) You can redirect the output to a file (e.g. 'nbtstat -n >tmp.txt') then open the file and paste it's contents into the message. This one has a couple of possible problems:

Not all apps write complete lines sequentially. So the output to a file doesn't always match the screen output.

Some apps send output to stderr instead of or in addition to stdout. By default, in the console, stderr and stdout are both directed to the screen. If you use the redirect syntax mentioned above, you only redirect stdout (stderr is still going to the screen). You can redirect stderr by using the syntax '2>' (e.g. 'dir 2>tmp.txt'). If there is a way to redirect stderr and stdout to the same file, I've never learned it.

2) You can copy the output from the DOS window by opening the System menu (press alt-space) and selecting Edit / Mark. Drag the cursor over the desired text and press 'enter' to copy it to the clipboard. You can then paste it into any app. If the output is more than a screenful, you can use 'Properties' (from the System menu) to increase the display and/or buffer size of the console, before running the app.