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Tips for working with hosts and lmhosts files:

1) On NT, these files belong in %windir%\system32\drivers\etc. On 95, they belong in %windir%.

2) The file name is lmhosts or hosts (no extension). The .sam files are sample files.

3) MS recommends using an ASCII only text editor (e.g. Editors that allow multiple fonts, colors, etc. (such as Notepad) may embed 'invisible' non-ASCII characters in the file, which may interfere with parsing.

4) Separate the fields on each line by multiple spaces and add several blank lines after the last entry.

5) On 95 machines, you must enable DNS to use lmhosts or hosts files, though you don't need to provide any DNS servers.

6) On NT, you must enable lmhosts. NT will always use hosts for winsock names, but you must enable "Use DNS for Windows names" to use it for NetBIOS names.