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From the KB article Q181774 "Multihomed Issues with Windows NT":



Browsing is very much affected by multihomed computers. Because the browser service does not merge networks, the primary domain controller (PDC) cannot be multihomed. Each browser service bound to each interface operates independently, and the PDC maintains a "separate" cumulative list on each interface that are not merged. A master browser that exchanges lists with the PDC on one interface will not obtain servers discovered by a master browser that is exchanging lists on the other interface.

Windows NT 4.0 introduced the UnboundBindings setting, and this can be used to prevent the PDC from directly gathering a browse list on more than one interface. Unfortunately, this setting does not force the master browsers in the domain to use only the bound interface card. If WINS is used to provide the IP address for the master browser to find the PDC, there is no way of guaranteeing that the correct interface will be chosen. This limitation cannot be overcome with Windows NT 4.0 and the PDC must not be a multihomed computer to guarantee that it can merge a single domain-wide list.

Also, master browsers cannot be multihomed. Because only one IP address is maintained for session establishment to a computer name, and the PDC communicates with a master browser based on its computer name alone, the PDC can only collect the local list of servers discovered by the multihomed master browser from one of its interfaces.



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