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The following is general example of the configuration of a 2 segment LAN, using NT as a router.

segment1 --- NT router --- segment2

<all masks are>

NT router:

NIC1: (segment1)
NIC2: (segment2)
IP forwarding enabled.
Both default gateways blank.


Segment1 machines:

IP: -
Default Gateway:

Segment2 machines:

IP: -
Default Gateway:

Notice each segment appears on a different IP subnet and that the clients on each subnet have their Default Gateway set the IP of the NT router's NIC on that subnet.

This configuration will provide full IP connectivity, using IP addresses.

Assuming you want to allow the use of names, instead of IPs, you will need to implement some form of name resolution (WINS, DNS, lmhosts, hosts). If you have an NT Server available, WINS is probably the easiest for MS clients. For fully MS network connectivity (e/g/ browsing, domain login, etc.), you will need to use either WINS or lmhosts.

Once you have fully functional name resolution in place, you should have full MS network functionality with the exception of browsing (e.g. Network Neighborhood). Browsing across subnets requires the presence of an NT domain.

Note, the PDC and any potential Segment Master Browsers for the domain must be single homed machines. So the NT router can't be used as a PDC and should have its ability to participate in browser elections disabled.