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For security reasons, you may wish to alter your IPs before posting information to the newsgroup. If so, you can eliminate quite a bit of confusion by following these guidelines:

1) There are 3 blocks of IPs that are set aside for use on private networks only (they cannot be routed on the Internet). If your original IPs are in these blocks, there is probably no need to alter them. If you are altering your IPs, try to avoid moving them in or out of these blocks (i.e. if the originals are in the reserved blocks, the alias IPs should also be in the reserve blocks). The blocks are: - - -

2) Try to keep the alias IP in the same IP Class as the original. an IP's Class is determined by its first (left most) octet. For example, in, the first octet is 192. The valid classes for host IPs are:

Class A: 0 - 126

Class B: 128 - 191

Class C: 192 - 223

3) Only change octets that correspond to 255 octets in the subnet mask.

4) Be consistent with aliasing. Where the original IPs have matching octets, the alias IPs should also have matching octets.

5) State in the post that the IPs have been changed