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If you want to 'route' your LAN to the Internet, you will have to obtain registered IPs for your LAN and arrange to have them routed back to you. Your ISP should be able to help you with this. If you are using NT RAS for you router, you should find the Tech section of helpful.

Another more common option is to use NAT or a proxy server to provide Internet access for a LAN. This allows your LAN to use one or more of the IP blocks set aside for use on private networks only. These IPs cannot be routed on the Internet, so you should avoid any duplicate IP conflicts. The blocks are: - (default mask - (default mask - (default mask


Some WAN devices (e.g. LAN modems, cable modems, etc.) have NAT built in. If you don't use such a device, you might want to look at Proxy-and-NAT.htm.