The following links are to a number of standard replies that I've been posting in the news groups in answer to common questions. I am providing the index page for those, who might want to look through other articles, but the main purpose of this site is to allow me to reduce the frequency with I post some of the large articles in the news groups.

I'm not a big fan of fancy graphic web sites. In fact, I rather dislike them. As a result of this preference and the intended purpose of this site, I doubt I will put any notably effort into prettying it up.

Note. Since I firmly believe in the concept and benefits of news groups for technical Q&A, I very seldom answer questions via email. If you need help with a problem, please post the request in the appropriate group. For best results in the MS public groups, use the MS news server at news:// Download a list of groups, select to appropriate group, scan the existing articles (to get a feel for the group and see if your answer is already present), and then post your question. To increase the odds that you will receive useful time answers, please use a subject line that actually describes the problem (not just "Help!"), include pertinent information (e.g. relevant settings, error messages, etc.), break the text into readable blocks (not one long run-on paragraph), and try to avoid cross posting.

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General information on the standard network protocols provided with MS OSs

Posting safe IPs in a news group message

Capturing the output of command line apps


Browsing basics

Browsing across subnets

Browsing across multiple NT domains

Relationship between WINS and Browsing (e.g. Network Neighborhood)

Using lmhosts for browsing

Problems connected with a multihomed PDC

Multihomed PDC Router example


Tips on working with lmhosts and hosts files

Name resolution basics

Name resolution orders

Trusts: name resolution info

<03> Name conflicts


Classfull -v- Classless subnetting

Subnet Calculations

General information on Default Gateways

General information on multihoming (segment -v- subnet)

IP blocks reserved for use on private networks

Basic routing examples

Using NT as a router between 2 Subnets  


DHCP configuration example

Boot time lease verification process used by a DHCP Client with an existing lease

Process a DHCP client with no existing lease uses to obtain a lease

DHCP options accepted by MS DHCP clients


Relationship between RAS clients and DHCP


Problems associated with having one NIC on a LAN and a RAS/DUN connection to another network (long version)

Problems associated with having one NIC on a LAN and a RAS/DUN connection to another network (routing only)

Using RAS to link LANs

Using an NT RAS machine to provide Internet access

Proxy and NAT sources


How and NT machine builds its 'Domain' list

NT's process for validating incoming network connections

Using administrative tools, while logged into a non-admin account

Making a second network connection to the same NT server, using an IP instead of a name


Reducing broadcast Traffic associated with browsing

General procedure for rebuilding a PDC

Resetting a lost Administrator password

Server Manager quirks


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